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First Principles
May 13, 2010

America has the only constitution in the history of the world that was developed by Protestant Christians who were determined to be loyal to the principles of the Bible. Their determination has given us a culture that has been the envy of the world for most of America’s existence. Our families, standard of living, education, freedom, personal achievement, healthful living, and safety have been without peer until the middle of the 20th century when we began to exclude God from our public institutions. Without God, liberty became license, enabling our citizenry to endanger their souls with immorality and other lawless behavior. Today, we find our country in the grip of spiritual dangers like false religion, atheism, humanism and narcissism.

Our culture needs to return to our first principles. “Favored Nation,” the musical drama presented by Christian Arts Ministries, will remind us of our first principles that produced the most exceptional nation of Earth. Using quotations of Abraham Lincoln and other founding fathers, our production will help you influence others by participating in the production or attending with guests who will thank you for reminding them of America’s spiritual history.