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Forgetting the Past

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Forgetting the Past
May 10, 2010

Today politicians seem to have little interest in the history of the founding of our nation. Even some who are conservative on fiscal issues are unwilling to remember the spiritual emphasis that guided the founders as they developed a completely unique constitution of laws, such as had never existed anywhere else in history. Removal of Christian influence in favor of “scientific” political theory has been the byword of Twentieth Century social engineers. American uniqueness of culture and thought is being replaced by a “godless” secular system. Without the founder’s emphasis on biblical truth and Christ-centered culture, today we find ourselves in decline and slipping toward fiscal, moral, creative, and social collapse.

Into this modern dilemma, comes “Favored Nation,” Christian Arts Ministries’ dramatic, musical review of the spiritual history of America’s Founding from Columbus through the Civil War using quotations of Abraham Lincoln and other founding fathers. Here is your chance to help influence our country by participating in the production or attending with guests who need to be reminded of America’s spiritual history.