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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of Christian Arts Ministries is to inspire, disciple and enable Christian musicians, actors, writers, dancers, directors and designers to use their creative and artistic abilities to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ by utilizing the power of high quality drama, musical theater, and choral music to the greater Twin Cities community directly and, by extension, throughout the world, all to the Glory of God.

General Goals

To accomplish this mission, Christian Arts Ministries has the following general goals:

  1. To create, produce and perform Christian musical and theatrical productions and concerts that communicate biblical truth, share the Gospel of saving faith through Jesus Christ, and inspire people to biblical living.
  2. To provide opportunity for Christians to exercise their musical and artistic abilities and crafts, and further develop those God-given talents for even greater use in the ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  3. To develop within the greater Twin Cities community a new and fresh culture of distinctly Christian art and artists.
  4. To provide the greater Twin Cities community a distinctly Christian alternative to other artistic and musical cultural choices.
  5. To provide the greater Twin Cities Christian community compelling musical and artistic productions they can embrace by attending and inviting friends and acquaintances, sharing the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  6. To bring as many people as possible into personal faith in Jesus Christ as both Savior and Lord.
  7. To contribute to the development of fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ who are active in a local church, engaged in ministry, fervent in prayer, obedient to the Bible, and committed to sharing their faith.
  8. To write original Christian music and drama and create original productions consistent with the mission of the Christian Arts Ministry.


To accomplish these general goals, the following values describe our vision:

  1. We are committed to living out and demonstrating our Christian faith in all aspects of Christian Arts Ministries.
  2. We will seek to be a supportive ministry to Christian artists and support personnel, providing biblical, spiritual and prayerful leadership to those with whom we work, leading them to deepen their relationship with Christ, better integrate their faith into their personal and professional lives, and inspire them to a lifetime of faithful use of their abilities to reach others to come to personal faith in Christ.
  3. With the conviction that we can do more together than individually, we will develop strategic partnerships with spiritually like-minded churches and other Christian organizations.
  4. Recognizing the Bible has established that the church is Christ’s body on earth, we will support and never attempt to replace the local church, which we recognize as the primary place for growth, fellowship and service for followers of Jesus Christ.
  5. We are committed to high quality and excellence in musical and artistic productions to impact both secular and Christian audiences, earning respect and appreciation as a means of influencing people to deeper faith in Jesus Christ.
  6. We are committed to produce and perform artistic and musical productions and products that are distinctly Christian, moral, inspirational and family friendly.

Initial Objectives

To accomplish the mission, goals and values of the Christian Arts Ministry, the following objectives define the initial activities of the ministry:

  1. To establish a city wide, auditioned choir and theatrical company of Christians.
  2. To develop and present musicals and/or dramatic productions for performances during holidays (such as Christmas and July 4th), as well as non-holiday productions, concerts, and variety shows, and the like, in order to present biblical truth and communicate the Gospel before large and small audiences.
  3. To establish ensembles with special thematic material for smaller venues and that can be available upon request.