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Favored Nation

Heaven Rejoices

The Mists of Forever

Favored Nation is a powerful musical drama that presents the inspiring story of America from Columbus through the Civil War. Presented with chorus and professional orchestra, Favored Nation includes a blend of wonderful, original music and familiar songs. From stirring solos to inspirational songs from the chorus, Favored Nation includes songs from the early days of America, including pipe and drum music, to early hymns like the Battle Hymn of the Republic, as well as a negro spiritual.

Ninety percent of the script is drawn from the actual words of our founding fathers and other historical figures like Columbus, Washington and Lincoln. Favored Nation presents a unique and surprising perspective on the founding and forming of America, a truly favored nation.

Audiences have cheered and wept as they hear what is largely the untold story of America’s spiritual roots and her founding. The comment is heard every time Christian Arts Ministries presents this powerful production, “Take this show to Washington D.C.!”