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Executive Director

Ken Parker is the founding director of Christian Arts Ministries, building on more than 45 years involvement in local church ministry as pastor, worship leader and dramatist. Ken has served as a youth pastor, senior pastor, and minister of music in churches in Missouri, Ohio, Michigan and Minnesota. For more than two decades he was the minister of worship at Grace Church in Edina, then Eden Prairie, Minnesota, where he developed large scale, outreach-oriented musicals and passion plays that communicated the gospel and impacted the lives of many thousands of individuals. Ken was also instrumental in starting two national music conferences; Music Michigan and Music Minnesota.

In starting Christian Arts Ministries, Ken wanted to use his creative and entrepreneurial gifts to develop a team of committed, talented followers of Christ to realize a great vision—to create original productions that illustrate eternal truth, dramatize the stories of the Bible, tell the stories of great Christians of the past as a way to communicate the truth of the gospel to a world much in need of that message.

Original Productions by Ken Parker

Seasonal Cantatas

  • Heaven Rejoices (Christmas)
  • The Joy Awaiting (Easter)
  • Child of Love (Christmas)
  • Born of a Virgin

Dramas, Comedies, and “Broadway Style” Musicals

  • Snowbound for Christmas
  • The Holy War
  • Panic in the Parsonage
  • Delusion
  • Legacy of the Bats
  • Just in Time for Christmas
  • Saddled for Glory
  • Sentimental Season

Passion Play Musicals

  • The Sacrifice and the Glory
  • Son of God—Son of Man

Patriotic Musicals

  • America: Righteousness Exalts A Nation
  • America: The Country the Bible Built
  • Favored Nation