Born of a Virgin


Favored Nation

Heaven Rejoices

The Mists of Forever

A young girl is engaged to be married. Like anyone in her situation, she shares the exciting news with her friends. But unlike anyone else, this young girl is visited in the night by a magnificent heavenly being who brings an amazing message. The girl’s world, and our world, are forever changed.

Though a virgin, Mary miraculously carries a child and wrestles with how to tell her mother, her friends and particularly, her fiancé. What will she say? What will her mother think? What will her fiancé Joseph do? Will anyone believe her when she tells them that an angel came to her in the night?

This powerful story is presented in the grand tradition of musical theater with actors, singers, chorus and orchestra. Songs are drawn from many eclectic musical styles including the golden days of Broadway. Full of energy, they magnify the love of God for us and present the love between Joseph and Mary! This story is full of conflict, suspense, revelation and pure glory.